Do you want the EXACT wording I use in my cold outreach emails to generate consistent, qualified leads?

Email outreach is dead. Webinars are dead. Marketing is dead. ⁣

These are the things we tell ourselves when we either didn’t have success with a strategy, or worse, used one of these excuses to not even test it. ⁣

Here’s the thing.

None of it is dead - all of these methods are alive and kicking,

but there are 2 things required for it to work.⁣

1. Follow a Proven Formula

2. Consistent Application

Over and over again, I hear the same thing from my clients…⁣

What should I say in my emails?⁣

I’m not a copywriter and it’s so expensive to hire one!⁣

How often should I send an email out in a sequence?⁣

I’ve been meaning to get some cold outreach emails written, but I don’t have the time!⁣

I get that very few people are obsessed with prospecting and sales the way I am, which means most people won’t spend years writing email copy, doing massive amounts of cold outreach, and split test like crazy.

But I did it all for you and no, I’m not selling it to you, I’m GIVING it to you because you have to start somewhere.⁣

⁣ So grab the EXACT word-for-word sequence I use to get quality leads for my business daily and the same one I’ve tested across various different industries for my clients. Just do a little copy and paste, and start getting some instant traction in your pipeline.

Say goodbye to long-winded copywriting and 

get back to your zone of genius