How to Create an Offer for your Virtual Event

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Steven Larsen is the biggest name in the Offer creation space. He started at the bottom and went on to work as a Funnel Builder at Click Funnels. His role was to put offers together and is known as “Offer Guy”.

I had the opportunity to pick Steven’s brain as he was one of our speakers on the Live Events Launchpad virtual event I hosted in the spring of 2019, about how offers played in the creation of a profitable event.

While this is an old interview the value is relevant in the current COVID-19 pandemic as many of you are putting on virtual events. Here are some of the high points Stephen shared that has helped our attendees:

1. Start By Asking The Right Questions.

Many event hosts that are doing it for the first time start the planning process by asking “What am I selling?”, or in other words “What’s my offer?”.

Steve’s advice; DON’T start at the offer. Start at the idea phase…

Instead of asking the question What is my offer, ask “Who do I want to serve”, or “Who is my dream customer”? Followed by

“What are the things that they are struggling with?”.

Fuel your event by finding ways to craft your offer that will help your customers with what they are struggling with.

2. Shift Your Focus

While you are ultimately creating the event to profit and sell your product or service, you have to realize that the impact you are creating.

Realize and recognize that this offer is NOT FOR YOU. YOU are not buying it… so what you think about it is not significant…it is what your audience/attendees think/feel about it that matters.

3. Don’t Limit Yourself To One Offer.

You should have multiple offers created to engage your attendees at multiple stages of the event…From why someone is buying the ticket, what’s the benefit of becoming a VIP customer (up-sell), Motivation and benefit to show up for the event (ie: swag, special training, etc.), How is purchasing an offer made at the event going to help them take their problem solving to the next level ( offer sold at the event), and the benefit of attending multiple days (offers for multiple dates), Etc..

4. Create The Anticipation

Make them want it before they show up, or before you release it. Some examples are:

Create a FUNNEL to sell the ticket and add on an up-sell so you can deliver something extra that they receive that makes them engage even more (ie: VIP Package that includes Dinner/Lunch Vouchers, Books and Additional training, part of a special virtual group, etc. )

Extras: Dinner with the host/organizer, bonus gifts for participation.

Email or Messages leading up to the event.

Personalized messages and Livestreams.

5. Raise The ENERGY In The Room

If you want your offer to be received and for people to take action on it then and there, raising the energy at the event is super important. If you are not sure what this means go to a couple of successful live events and do what Steve refers to as “event hacking”. Another tip is to learn about sales psychology and how your physical state (or how you show up) affects your customer/prospect and influences the sale.

ie: When the speaker comes out to make sure the MC gets the audience ready with anticipation.

Speed up how fast you speak when you drop the OFFER, increasing the energy and anticipation in the room.

Create the excitement so they are ready to get up and run to the back of the room to sign up when you finish.

If your experience has been a negative reaction when you present the offer it may mean you have not delivered your offer in a way that enhanced the energy of your audience.

6. Ask for Permission

The number one mistake speakers make is not asking permission to pitch the audience from the stage.
It’s not that people don’t want to be sold to…its that people don’t want to be sold to without permission. People know that most events have an upsell planned. Once you create the need for a solution to their problem, simply ask for permission to pitch this solution to them before you go on your sales speak.

ie: Can I show you a cool offer that I’ve put together that will help you do all of these things we have talked about?

7. Be prepared for the event

If you want a successful event you must create the energy that allows you to build up your attendees and get them excited. This will also deplete your energy. So BE Prepared. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Get/hire help. (ie: Registration staff, ushers, crew, sales, and billing, etc. )

“Russel Brunson taught me that 90 minutes on stage is equivalent to an 8 hour work day. ” — Steve Larsen

If you run out of steam and you are not able to engage with your audience the way you should, that’s potential sales that are going to walk out the door.

8. Wrap your offer in stories.

All beliefs we hold have been instilled in us through a story/experience. Fill the need that you have created by delivering it wrapped in a story. Each offer needs to have a story that brings the audience clarity on why exactly they need the solution you are presenting.

To watch the full video interview on our Facebook page click here!

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