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You can create your own energy. Did you know that the body (yes your physical vessel) is like a power plant? It can create so much energy that it can change your state and surroundings

Your thinking…huh!?! How can it do that?

When I went to my first Tony Robbins event, Unleash the Power Within, the most important lessons I learned is that I have the power to focus my mind on whatever it is I want in this moment. But sometimes our minds follow direction from the energy we create in out bodies. 


Anyone who watched my videos before UPW and after UPW knows exactly what I mean! Before UPW, I didn’t use my energy at all, didn’t move around, and was almost boring. 4 Days later, I was a completely different person. It was shocking to me to watch some of my older videos compared to the new ones.

The realization that I can create how I show up, shifted my view in how I can achieve the results I wanted to create in my life, not just for myself but also my family, friends, clients and business partners.

I can get up and decide to be excited, I can get my body energized and ready to rock, by doing some simple physical exercise. I can create contagious energy where I can then go into meetings and change the state of the people that surround me.

Have you tried jumping around like a child and to be miserable at the same time?

Have you tried to dance and be stressed out at the same time?

It’s very difficult!

So how can we create this energy?

Here are some ways I create energy when I need a boost:


  1. LOUD MUSIC! Before going to UPW, I HATED loud music. I always wanted the music quiet and in the background. Since I learned that I am a nuclear power plant, I learned that I have to continually feed it. To do that, I play music and dance while I work!
  2. Engage your body! Do some push-ups, or jumping jacks, or my personal favorite — SHAKE YOUR BUTT! When you use your body, it literally creates energy. Try it! Do something crazy right now!
  3. FOCUS ON GRATITUDE: When you focus on what is amazing and great in your life, you don’t have time to think about all the bad things in your life. When you are focused on the good, it creates the attitude and feeling of energy. That’s why the first thing I do every morning is to write down 10 things that I am grateful for.


The way I see it I can either sit around and decide how the outside world is going to dictate what my emotional state is (and how that influences the results I create) or I can create the energy I need to bring results into my life.

You can decide how you walk into a room and how that will impact the connections you make. You can decide on how you interact with someone and how much value you are going to bring them.

The energy you show up with will attract the results (ie: experiences, resources, situations, people) that match that frequency. Think about it…If you were always sluggish, in a foul mood, not motivated to take care of your own basic needs, would you want to hang out with yourself? So why would you expect someone else to?

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