Building a Prospecting Machine That Brings Qualified Leads

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Right now, everything is in such turmoil. Everything’s in such a change. There are so many people looking at Today’s situation, and saying, “Okay, I’m gonna wait and see.”  People, prospects you’ve talked to, clients you’re talking to, their words from other clients, everybody’s in this wait and see holding pattern. 


That’s one of the reasons why right now is the most important time to prospect. It’s the most important time to get out there and make sure you’re catching their attention and making yourself known to them. 


I look at prospecting like content marketing done one on one. We are creating content that we want our prospects to receive. So they are inspired, entertained or educated, but in the process, build a relationship with you. 


If you want to build a machine that just keeps churning out prospects, there are a couple of things you need to do. But the most important; Consistency is the key to a healthy pipeline. 


It’s not something you can turn on and turn off, back and forth. When you lack consistency, guess what happens? Nothing! Your pipeline dies. 


When it comes to your pipeline, the content you’re putting out there, and how you’re working with people, there are 4 questions that you have to answer in order to make prospecting really simple, and easy. 


Maybe you have a CRM, or use Excel, or maybe you have a notebook that you write your leads in, have you ever opened that book up, or that software, and looked at a prospect and thought, “Oh crap, what should I do with him? What should my next step be?”. If you answer these four following questions upfront before you ever have to deal with a prospect, it makes it so much easier to keep prospecting.

#1 “Who do I target?”.

Who is that person that we’re reaching out to? 

Who are we going to follow up with? 

Who is our ideal customer? 

Profitability is key here! We don’t want to just work with everybody. And there are multiple methods you can build a list; you can get people to opt-in to a lead magnet, you can start getting featured on different virtual events, you can network online. The ways you accomplish this is up to your imagination. 

#2 “What do I say?”

We already know who we’re targeting but what do we say to engage this prospect? 

With prospecting, it takes between 13 and 18 touches before someone’s ready to buy. Typically, salespeople follow up between three and seven times. So if it takes 13, and you’re following up seven, you may have quit too soon. Thus, we want to create a system that makes sure we reach out a minimum of 18 times. So, it’s important to ask, “What do I say right now that’s going to get this prospect to a sales call and have a buying conversation?”.

#3. “How do I say it?”

How do we relay this information to our prospects? Is it a phone call, an email, or maybe I send them a package/card through snail mail? By the way, there’s a tool I love to use called Send Out Cards where I send a lot of physical cards to people, and it is awesome! I love it because every time they open up a card, they are holding something physical. 

Do you know how much more work it takes to send a card than an email? A lot, right? At least that’s the perception. One of the reasons why I love Send Out Cards is you never have to leave your computer to send them out. 

Another method we love to utilize is sending packages. 

Have you ever gotten a package and not opened it? No, because we love packages! We love opening things, we love seeing new things being taken out of the packaging. Packages are fun. So, that’s one tool we use when it comes to getting sales calls on the calendar. You’ve got to figure out how you make that next touch. 

Social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and all these different ways to communicate with your ideal client, make it easier for you to find them where they are comfortable. You’ve got to make sure you’re communicating with them, according to how they want to hear it.

#4 “When do I contact them again?”

When do I reach out to them and say, “Okay, This is the next step”? Do you have a structure created to remind you of your next step? ie: This is my next email, This is my next card, This is the next phone call, etc… 

Who do I target? What do I say? How do I say it? When do I contact them again? 

If you have a cadence and know the answer to each of those questions, prospecting is a matter of just completing the tasks. You don’t have to think about what I should do next. You don’t have to think about who should I call now, because you’ve got a checklist. You’ve got a to-do list.  We use Pipedrive to keep us organized and integrate it with other tools to help us stay on top of our leads.

We’ve put together a step by step resource that will take you through the exact blueprint we use to create our prospecting system for each client. We’d love to have you on our live training sessions, helping you figure out how to close more business.  In Prospecting Done For You, we charge $5000 a month, plus commission, to do prospecting for our clients. Our process is quite valuable. If this is something valuable to you click here to download this free resource: 

Inside this PDF document, we also share the tools we use throughout our system as well as video tutorials explaining how we set them up.

I hope you are taking advantage of the glorious opportunities available right now because, in every downturn, successful companies are created. If you’re waiting to see what will happen, Stop!!!! Start making it happen now. This is your chance, your time to take over your destiny if you choose to. 

Now is not the end of the world, it’s just the beginning. And what comes next is going to be pretty amazing!. Stay at it, keep pushing. You’ve got this!. We’ve got this!. They’ve got it.  Because this is what humans do, we make it work. 

Justin Stephens, 

President, Prospecting Done For You. 

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