Are you ready for the current economic downturn?

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Because let’s face it, we’re in it.….NOW!

If you have been following many of the successful business & financial gurus like @Waren Buffet or @Tony Robbins you know this has been on the forecast for half a decade already. 

We just never expected it would be a result of a deadly virus that brought our global economy to its knees. So how are successful companies and decision-makers focused on completing tasks needed for continuous growth?

Well as I had shared in my youtube channel a couple of weeks ago here are some of the top activities business owners like our clients at Prospecting Done For You are continuing to build their businesses.

#1 Don't Stop

We’ll never make it. 

My business is going to fail.

Everything’s falling apart around me.

How will I recover from this..?


Everything is changing so rapidly it is hard to imagine what the landscape of business is going to look like in 12 months. But Imagine we must. 

It’s not going to be easy. No, things may get worse before it gets better. We’ve got to be careful about where we invest our time and money right now. 

But realize that these tough times also bring us great opportunities. Opportunities to help people solve unique problems. 

So, the way I look at it right now is the greatest time to be building a business. Right now is the greatest time to be focused on getting out there, helping people, changing lives. 

So you’ve got to challenge your beliefs. From “This current pandemic is causing the shutdown, and putting me out of business.” to “How can I help people through this pandemic? What resources do I, together with my business and its employees do to give value in times like these”. 

When it comes to surviving and thriving through an economic downturn, shifting your perspective is going to give you a ton of leverage.

I see right now as the greatest time to build a business because I know that if we can make it now. When times get good, it’s only going to get easier. So building now is the best time to do it. Maybe that means working on your branding and optimizing your processes. 

Maybe you work on that lead magnet or online video series you put off because you didn’t have the time to do it.

Imagine what you want your life, your family’s life and the lives of your employees to be 12 months from now. 

Yes, the numbers are scary. There’s so much death and suffering happening around the world. That is why we need to embrace the opportunity of the life that we have been blessed with right now. It’s not our job to waste it by sitting around waiting for the virus to take us out. It is time to shine a light on your talents, skills, and expertise. We can still do this while we practice social distancing. 


#2. Start giving more!

There’s something I always talked about in Sandler Training called unpaid consulting is when you go do something for nothing. 

You solve someone’s problem for nothing. 

You just help them. I’m telling you right now is the best time to do it. Help in ways you can. Don’t be paralyzed by the fear. Offer solutions in areas you have talent/expertise in.

I see lots of people celebrating the first responders. But the same people going out and not following quarantine protocol. 


My expertise is prospecting and closing deals. Since most businesses are currently not busy… I want to help you iron down your prospecting system.

Most businesses stop prospecting once they start getting busy because the business owner just cannot manage the number of hats he/she needs to wear and make time to do basic prospecting activities like phone/follow up calls, emails, create content and spend time scaling the prospecting system they used when they first got started. Instead, they spend thousands on advertising and branding hoping to attract the right people to them.

The problem with this strategy, if not used correctly, is you end up spending a lot of money, but you also lose a lot of opportunities you could have turned into new business.  If you don’t have a great prospecting system set up to follow up and nurture a relationship with the leads you attract, you will end up losing them.

So what if right now I help you plan, build and implement a prospecting system that is scalable. This is the exact system we implement in a “Done for you” capacity for our client. So when we start getting busy again you will have the system, tools and processes you will need to start reaching out to your ideal customers.

because I want to empower people to start thinking differently during this time and start planning for a better tomorrow, post quarantine. 


I want you to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. 


And I want to encourage you to take that same mindset. Focus On Service. How can you serve people, how can you go out there and help people get results, help them figure out what they need to do right now? 


We need to let go of the old way of doing things and adapt to a new way of doing things. And this can only be born with a new way of thinking.

#3 Dream Bigger

“This changed world in which we live is demanding new ideas, new ways of doing things, new leaders, new inventions, new methods of teaching, new methods of marketing, new books, new literature, new ideas…


…The business depression marked the death of one age, and the birth of another. This changed world requires practical dreamers who can and WILL put their dreams into action.”

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. 

Start with reaching out to your clients personally. Don’t send them an email. Stand apart from the hundreds of competitors that are sending emails with “we care for you, stay with our business”. Get on the phone and talk to your customers. Not about your service…ask them about how they are doing. And if you have an opportunity to help, do it! It doesn’t always have to be with money, it can be resources, referrals, encouragement… whatever you can give right now, do it!


revenue Do you expect in the next 30 days. Whatever you’re doing for them. I want to reach out more, contact them more and give them more help, give them more advice, take them through different processes. Those are the people I would recommend serving right now because when everybody starts tightening their belt, guess what happens


Have a human conversation. People remember those better than a templated email.

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