What is the difference between Marketing and Prospecting

There are a lot of ways to grow your business. The difference between a business with stagnant growth, that’s plateaued and business with hockey curve growth is Sales. It’s the number of leads who say, I need your product/service. How many leads did you get this last month? How many people Are you working with […]

Why Do Your Clients Need You To Charge More

Did you know that you charge too little? Here’s a simple truth: Your clients need you to charge more.  They don’t want you to charge more. Because well, we all love a good deal. But if you truly want to serve your clients to the best service you can deliver, you need to raise your […]

What’s A Sales Pipeline?

What’s a sales Pipeline (aka. prospecting pipeline)? A business’s success relies upon its ability to generate revenue.  If a business cannot generate revenue, it will not be in business for very long. The other week I was chatting with a friend of mine who kept asking me how I was closing new business even during […]

Prospecting Tips To Close More Sales

I’m often training and helping business owners tweak their sales processes. In this post I wanted to share 3 techniques that I have found especially valuable for me as a business owner. But first: Design Your Process You need to have a process that you take your prospects through that doesn’t change from sales call […]

The Secret To Telling A Story That Sells!

“You don’t own a list, you have the privilege of having an audience — made up of people who’ve chosen to pay attention to you. Entertain them, educate them, treat them with respect, and your offers will become an easy yes.” ~ Yara Golden Yara is the owner and founder of The Art of Story Selling. […]

Building a Prospecting Machine That Brings Qualified Leads

Right now, everything is in such turmoil. Everything’s in such a change. There are so many people looking at Today’s situation, and saying, “Okay, I’m gonna wait and see.”  People, prospects you’ve talked to, clients you’re talking to, their words from other clients, everybody’s in this wait and see holding pattern.    That’s one of […]

Create Your Own Energy

You can create your own energy. Did you know that the body (yes your physical vessel) is like a power plant? It can create so much energy that it can change your state and surroundings Your thinking…huh!?! How can it do that? When I went to my first Tony Robbins event, Unleash the Power Within, […]

How to Create an Offer for your Virtual Event

Steven Larsen is the biggest name in the Offer creation space. He started at the bottom and went on to work as a Funnel Builder at Click Funnels. His role was to put offers together and is known as “Offer Guy”. I had the opportunity to pick Steven’s brain as he was one of our […]

Are you ready for the current economic downturn?

Because let’s face it, we’re in it.….NOW! If you have been following many of the successful business & financial gurus like @Waren Buffet or @Tony Robbins you know this has been on the forecast for half a decade already.  We just never expected it would be a result of a deadly virus that brought our […]